Codders, resources for programmers by Vokimon

Those are some resources for developers I produced. When no licence is specified, Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial, share alike, for documentation and artwork, and, GNU General public license, for code, applies. If you need a different licensing, just ask me.



CLAM (C++ Library for Audio and Music)
A framework to develop applications related to audio and music.
WiKo, the wiki compiler
A wiki compiler to generate blogs, webs and articles from wiki like files.
A simplified CppUnit with some extra features. It can be used to make unit tests of your applications.
Efficiency Guardian
A unit test efficiency tracker using valgrind profiling tools.
Test Farm
A continuous testing and monitoring tool.


SCons tools
A compilation of scons tools: Qt4 support, Nsis windows installer, OSX disk image builder... Hopefully they are going to become part of the official SCons distribution.
Generating UML Use Cases Diagrams with GraphViz Dot
A declarative way to generate UML Use Cases with GraphWiz's Dot.
Generic Makefile for C++ projects
A generic Makefile that compiles C/C++ projects just by looking at what is present on the current path.
Generic Makefile for LaTeX projects
A generic Makefile that compiles LaTeX projects just by looking at what is present on the current path.


One hundred reasons my Qt plugins is not working
I often tried to build a qt plugin and failed just by several different reasons, most of then silent.
Step by step guide to setup a CVS system
A step to step guide to quickly setup a CVS system. Far from providing a complete list of options, this guide provides common ways of doing things.
Managing application releases with CVS
A clear tutorial that exemplifies a common way to manage application releases with CVS using branches, tagging and merges.
Doxygen: a code documentation tool
Slides for an introductory presentation on documenting source code using doxygen.
Apunts de GFX
(In Catalan) Complemented classroom notes for several topics of the Computer Graphics subject at La Salle Engineering School. It includes topics 12 (Textures) and 13 (Nurbs) including both theory and an extended explanation of the related OpenGL API.
FAQ del curset de C avancat del DI 95/96
(In Catalan) Frequently asked question for an internal departamental course on advanced C language I gave at La Salle Engineering School.
Apunts sobre les llibreries estàndard del C++ (Standard Template Library i més)
(In Catalan) A manual about the C++ standard libraries. This library is now better covered by other documentation available on the web.
Recull de links sobre Smalltalk
(In Catalan) A compilation of smalltalk related web pages.
Manual d'Smalltalk i disseny orientat a objectes
(In Catalan) A progressive and complete manual to one of the purest and easiest object oriented languages, Smalltalk. Some advanced OO dessign which can be applied to other languages are also discused.