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We wish every body who wants, could fill himself with music, making it, enjoying it.
In one hand we ofer tools and formation nedded to make it.
In the other its a way for good compositions to arrive you ears:
These we found and these you all send us.

Whats that?

This web page is written thinking in people who likes computer musik and musik in general.

We've given great enphasis to Modules cause they are a accessible medium with good results. The only requirements are a computer with a cheap soundcard and the software that mainly is public domain software (this means free). We dont want let MIDI away thinking in people who keep their frontier further than the computer and have money enough to spend it in soft and hardware.

What we offer?

  • Information about Demos, Courses and Seminaries 98/99
  • Great doctorials & manuals about computer music. Both introductory and more technical.In Spanish
  • Oferings: Software, tematic modules colecctions, samples... we can give you.
  • At the Forum (beta version) you can discuss about music scene.
  • Compos A pulic directori where you can upload your compos and download anybody else compos.
  • El CD dels MoDDeR's A great CD with samples, software, compos... we have compiled.
  • Links where you can find more modules, programs, information, people...

Who we are?

Know the people who makes possible this web page by visiting their personal web pages


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  • Our virtual URL is http://listen.to/modders. Fisic URL can be moved.
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