Pythonic access to audio files: python-wavefile

I did not realize python-wavefile got more relevance than most of my github projects: Other people, not just me, are actually using it, and that’s cool. So I think I owe the project a blog entry… and maybe a logo.

python-wavefile is a Python module to read and write audio files in a pythonic way.

Command of the day: git-mediawiki

this week, I have come across a useful git extension. It git clones the content of a Mediawiki site as it were a git remote repository so that you can pull revisions into your hard drive, edit them and push them back into the wiki.

The Bla Face

My latest experiments involved animated SVG’s and webapps for mobile devices (FirefoxOS…). Also scratches HTML5 audio tag.

The result is this irritating application: The Bla Face. A talking head that stares around, blinks and speaks the ‘bla’ language.

Refactoring the TestFarm server

I spent some time refactoring the TestFarm server for scalability and maintenability. TestFarm is a continuous integration platform we implemented for CLAM and other projects.

Read more to know why and how this refactoring took place.

JACK engine for ipyclam

Here you have a cute alternative to QJackCtl if you have it plenty of ardour multichannel ports connected in fancy ways. Auto-completion, broadcasting and Python slices on ports will be your friends.

Comand of the day: python-stdeb

Today’s command is not a command in itself but a package that enables installing whatever python package the Debian way, with a Debian package, even if there is no such package.